My belief is that our very early interactions with our primary caregiver(s) provide the template for how we feel about ourselves as well as relate to others. These interactions provide the structure and form for all future relationships, or at least until we develop a new structure. A lot of psychological pain stems from one’s earliest relationships, but I firmly believe the human organism strives toward health and well-being.

I love the image of the nautilus. Its life cycle is a metaphor. It outgrows its chamber and it builds another larger one, then moves into the new chamber upon completion. A series of chambers are thus built over time in a spiral fashion, using its existing structure for support. The living creature is present in the last and largest chamber. Optimally, we humans grow and change in the same way, creating and inhabiting an increasing sense of spaciousness within ourselves. This is how I view the process of therapy and life.

This work feels like a sacred calling. When there is a deep connection between the client and myself, it is a collaborative dance.