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Prabha Milstein, LMFT
Prabha Milstein, LMFT

I am a therapist in Noe Valley, San Francisco. I provide individual therapy, couples therapy, marriage therapy, and family therapy. I am certified in EMDR. If you are seeking a therapist in San Francisco, call 415.200.8093 to discuss next steps.

Did you grow up

  • Learning to sacrifice your own needs
  • Feeling that your value was defined by a parent(s)
  • With an addictive/self-absorbed parent
  • Believing you were relegated to a role in your family

Do you feel

  • Unaware of your own needs
  • You were a burden to your family
  • Responsible for a parent’s feelings
  • That significant persons seem disinterested in your inner experience
  • You keep repeating painful patterns

Do you sometimes find

  • You choose friends/partners who make you feel as you did in your family
  • You apologize for no reason
  • That no matter how hard you try, what you give is never enough

I can help

  • Identify what stops you from creating the life you want
  • Find your true voice
  • Uncover and process childhood pain
  • Connect you to your deepest needs & desires

Together we can

  • Define who you truly are and want to be
  • Discover your unique talents, skills, and abilities
  • Set clear, attainable goals
“Prabha is wonderful. She is extremely easy to speak to and is a great listener. I was fortunate to have found her by a recommendation. She is very honest which is what you need when you have a crowded mind. You will not be disappointed with Prabha.”
— Laura L.
— Laura L.
“Ms. Milstein has been a tremendous help to me. I see that what she did was to form a partnership with me that had a unified, focused goal of helping me get well and strong again. She was committed to my needs. She earned my trust almost immediately.”
— Di L.
— Di L.
“I started seeing Prabha last year and I feel like my life wouldn’t be the same without her insight and help. I have been to therapists who just nod and don’t give feedback. She brought out a side of me that was buried and I will forever be thankful for that.”
— Nicole M.
— Nicole M.
“Prabha has been seeing my daughter for a year and a half. I couldn’t be happier with the progress she has made since she has been under Prabha’s care. She really cares about her clients. I would highly recommend Prabha to anyone looking for an exceptional therapist.”
— Lia R.
— Lia R.
“I first started seeing Prabha about a year ago now. She does this great thing where she doesn’t TELL you what to think she gets YOU to think and find out what you need for yourself. She’s very gifted and knows how to use her insight in a positive and supportive manner.”
— Lindsay P.
— Lindsay P.
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The heart of successful therapy is the quality of relationship between client and therapist. In fact, it is the heart connection that acts as the force for genuine change. My approach is straightforward, down-to-earth and I incorporate a large helping of humor.